Purple Mattress Review: An Unbiased Assessment

If you’re considering buying a new mattress, this comprehensive purple mattress review is for you. We’ll give you an honest assessment of its features, benefits, and drawbacks to help you make an informed decision. Don’t miss out on this important information before investing in quality sleep.

The Purple Store
Everything the Purple sell is purple.

Introducing Purple mattresses, crafted from a revolutionary gel-like foam known as the Purple Grid. This innovation is designed to alleviate pressure more effectively than traditional memory foam. However, our testers discovered that the unique texture of the foam received mixed reviews.

At present, Purple offers three mattress collections to choose from, each incorporating different levels of their signature gel lattice. These mattresses are further complimented with layers of polyfoam and/or coils for enhanced comfort and support.

Essential Collection:

  • Purple Mattress (all-foam)
  • Purple NewDay (all-foam)
  • Purple Plus (all-foam)

Premium Collection:

  • Purple Restore Hybrid (all-foam)
  • Purple RestorePlus Hybrid (foam and coils)
  • Purple RestorePremier Hybrid (foam and coils)

Luxe Collection:

  • Purple Rejuvenate (foam and coils)
  • Purple RejuvenatePlus (foam and coils)
  • Purple RejuvenatePremier (latex, foam, and coils)

What is the Purple Grid?

The Purple Grid is an exclusive feature that sets Purple mattresses apart. Made from a special gel foam called Hyper-Elastic Polymer, the Purple Grid is incredibly flexible, capable of stretching in multiple directions and returning to its original shape. This lattice patterned polymer, with its iconic purple hue, was originally used in medical equipment but is now the top layer of Purple mattresses. It’s also featured in the Purple Double Seat Cushion, highly regarded for its soft and supportive feel.

The Purple Grid
A revolutionary The Purple Grid, designed to address common sleep issues caused by traditional mattresses.

The Purple Grid offers numerous benefits to your mattress, including pressure relief, support, breathability, resilience, and durability. However, it may take some time to adjust to its unique sensation. When tested in 2018, the Purple mattress had a jiggly, almost water-bed-like quality, providing both cradling comfort and buoyancy. Some testers were initially put off by the bed, but two members of our team who own it report overall satisfaction with their Purple mattress.

Purple Mattress

Is the Purple mattress worth it? Only if you enjoy the unique feel of Purple’s patented Purple Grid gel foam.

Who is The Purple Mattress For?

The Purple mattress may be a good choice for people with sore muscles or joints who haven’t found adequate pressure relief with traditional foam and spring mattresses. However, it’s not recommended for individuals weighing 200 pounds & over.

What is The Feeling of the Purple Mattress?

The gel foam is designed in a hollowed-out grid that provides a firmer feel when compared to other mattresses that are based on memory foam or foam. The gel foam columns support your body weight, creating a cradling effect while also offering a buoyant feeling. It’s difficult to precisely determine the firmness level.

What Do We Like About Purple Mattress?

The Purple mattress is likely to sleep cooler than most memory foam mattresses due to its gel-foam top layer’s open columns, promoting airflow. This feature is particularly appealing to those who tend to sweat while sleeping on memory foam. In our group testing, the Purple mattress performed exceptionally well in isolating motion, making it a suitable option if you’re easily disturbed by a partner’s movements.

Purple Mattress

We also appreciate the fact that the Purple mattress is available in numerous Mattress Firm locations nationwide, as well as select Bed Bath & Beyond stores and other department stores. This allows you to try it out before making a purchase, which we highly recommend. Visit Purple’s website to check if the mattress is stocked at a store near you.

What Might You Dislike About a Mattress?

Mattress testers ranked the Purple mattress as their least favorite, citing its “weird texture” and “weird ridges on the top.” Overall, it reminded us of a mix between a jiggly waterbed and bubble wrap. Additionally, we found better edge support in more affordable mattresses.

Our assessment of the long-term durability of this mattress is uncertain since there is no available data on the durability of the proprietary Purple Grid top layer. Some customer reviews express concerns about sagging and quality decline. However, the middle and bottom polyfoam layers, weighing 1.8 and 2 pounds per cubic foot respectively, fall within the range of durability recommended by experts. One of our staff members and his wife have owned the Purple mattress for over three years and are still satisfied with it. Despite weighing approximately 175 pounds and 125 pounds respectively, they have not experienced any issues with body indentations or sagging.

Purple Restore Hybrid

Introducing the Purple Restore Hybrid (Purple Hybrid)! This mattress combines the comfort of the original Purple with the added support of an innerspring layer. Like its predecessor, the Purple Hybrid features a 2-inch-thick top gel-foam layer, known as the Purple Grid. However, the Purple Hybrid takes it up a notch by incorporating a layer of 540 support coils, providing even more support and bounce. On top of that, it includes a polyfoam layer with a density of 2 pounds per cubic foot.

While we haven’t had the opportunity to conduct a group test or sleep on the Purple Hybrid at home, I did have the chance to try it out at a Mattress Firm store. I found that the 2-inch layer had a similar feel to the original Purple, but with an added springiness and improved edge support.

Purple's Premium Collection Mattress
The premium Purple collection offers a range of luxurious mattresses for an unforgettable night’s sleep.

Not only do the coils enhance the overall feel of the mattress, but they also boast great quality. Designed to minimize motion transfer, these pocketed coils have a durable 13¾-gauge thickness. Keep in mind that coil gauge alone doesn’t determine durability, but according to our guide to the best hybrid mattresses, a gauge of around 13 to 15 suggests excellent support.

The Purple Hybrid mattresses has a dedicated fanbase, but we believe there are other hybrid mattresses that may interest a wider range of people. If you’re curious about the unique foam used in the Purple mattress, we highly suggest trying it out at a Mattress Firm, Bed Bath & Beyond, or another store before making a purchase. To find out if the mattress is available near you, check the Purple website.

Purple RestorePlus Hybrid and Purple RestorePremier Hybrid

Introducing the Purple RestorePlus Hybrid and Purple RestorePremier Hybrid mattresses. These mattresses offer a unique feature – you can choose between 3 or 4 inches of the Purple Grid, compared to the 2 inches in the Purple Restore Hybrid.

During my visit to a mattress store, I tried the Purple RestorePremier Hybrid and discovered that the thicker the Purple Grid, the softer and more comfortable the mattress felt. If you’re a fan of Purple’s signature feel and want even more of it, the Purple Hybrid Premier is worth considering.

Purple RestorePlus Hybrid Mattress
The Purple Hybrids designed to provide enhanced pressure relief, temperature balance, and improved responsiveness.

Similar to the Purple Restore Hybrid, the Purple RestorePlus Hybrid and RestorePremier Hybrid includes 540 13¾-gauge pocketed coils (in a queen size), along with a 1-inch polyfoam layer with a density of 2 pounds per cubic foot.

A Wirecutter staff member and his wife, who both have musculoskeletal issues, tried various mattresses before deciding on the Purple RestorePremier Hybrid with 4 inches of Purple Grid. After a year of ownership, the staff member weighing over 200 pounds found the mattress comfortable and unlike any spring mattress he had tried before. His wife, weighing 120 pounds, still appreciated the unique grid texture after a year and wouldn’t want to go back to a more traditional-feeling mattress. They both agreed that the Purple Hybrid Premier lives up to its cooling claims, although they found it a bit too cool in the winter months.

Purple Mattress Comparison

Essential Collection

Purple MattressPurple NewDayPurple Plus
FillingSoftflex Cover, Gelflex® Grid, Edge Support Foam, Comfort Foam, Base Support FoamSoftflex Cover, Gelflex® Grid, Edge Support Foam, Base Support FoamSoftflex Cover, Gelflex® Grid, Edge Support Foam, Ultra Comfort Foam, Dual Base Support Foam

Premium Collection

Purple Restore HybridPurple RestorePlus HybridPurple RestorePremier Hybrid
FillingSoftflex Cover With Antimicrobial Finish, Gelflex® Grid, Edge Support Foam, Comfort Foam, Responsive CoilsSoftflex Cover With Antimicrobial + Moisture-Wicking Finish, Gelflex® Grid, Edge Support Foam, Ultra Comfort Foam, Edge Support System, 3 Zone Responsive CoilsSoftflex Cover With Antimicrobial + Moisture-wicking Finish, Gelflex® Grid, Edge Support Foam, Ultra Comfort Foam, Independently Responsive Coil System, Edge Support System

Delivery, Return, and Warranty Services

Purple mattresses are proudly made in Utah and can be shipped for free to the 48 contiguous United States. Unfortunately, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada will incur a shipping fee.

When you purchase a Purple mattress, you have the option for in-home delivery, setup, and removal of your old mattress. While it will deliver the mattress to your front door, it will be your responsibility to carry it in and set it up. This can be quite challenging, especially with the queen-size Purple RestorePremier™ Hybrid weighing approximately 170 pounds. But, Purple mattresses are conveniently shipped rolled up and vacuum-sealed in a tube, complete with carrying handles.

To give you peace of mind, Purple offers a generous 100-day trial period starting from the day of delivery. If you decide to return the mattress within this timeframe, as long as it is clean and undamaged, our customer service team will coordinate a pickup and issue a refund.

Lastly, Purple provides a 10-year limited warranty for added protection. It is essential to note that if you purchase a Purple mattress from a third-party seller such as Mattress Firm or Amazon, you will be subject to their policies.

What to Expect

In May 2023, Purple was to introduce three new mattresses: The Purple Rejuvenate, the Purple RejuvenatePlus, and the Purple RejuvenatePremier. Each mattress features a unique combination of materials including Hyper-Elastic Polymer, polyfoam, and coils. Stay tuned for more details as we test and review these mattresses.

Purple Rejuvenate mattresses are part of the Luxury Collection.

Frequently Asked Questions for Quick Reference

What is the Key factor to Keep in Mind when Choosing the Purple Mattress?

When choosing the Purple mattress, pay attention to whether you like the unique texture of the Purple Grid. During our testing, some of our testers found this feeling unusual or unpleasant. However, others have found that Purple mattresses provide a level of comfort and support not found in other mattresses.

If you already know you like the distinct feel of Purple Grid, you’ll need to choose Purple Mattress (with a 2-inch layer of purple grid over two layers of foam), Purple Hybrid (which combines a 2-inch layer of purple grid with coils and a layer foam) or Purple Hybrid Premier (same specs as Purple Hybrid but offers 3 or 4 inches of purple mesh, depending on model). We found that the thicker the purple mesh, the softer and wobblier the mattress.

Where Can You Experience the Comfort of the Purple Mattress and Make a Purchase?

Experience the extraordinary comfort of a Purple mattress at partner mattress sellers and department stores nationwide. Try before you buy, as the unique feel and construction of Purple mattresses require firsthand testing. For added convenience, you can also purchase directly from their website. Visit Purple’s site for a complete list of locations.

How Long Can You Expect Your Purple Mattress to Last?

When it comes to the lifespan of a mattress, there are several factors to consider, such as the quality of materials and construction, as well as your body weight and that of your sleep partner. While we don’t have specific data on the durability of the unique Purple Grid top layer in Purple mattresses, the polyfoam layers in these mattresses have a density of 1.8 to 2 pounds per cubic foot, indicating decent durability. The Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier models also feature 540 support coils (in a queen size), which adds to their durability.

However, it’s worth noting that when we analyzed reviews from satisfied customers who purchased Purple mattresses between 2017 and 2019, we did find some complaints about deterioration or sagging issues. To address this, Purple offers a 10-year limited warranty on all their mattresses. This warranty covers the replacement of the mattress if it develops body indentations deeper than 1 inch or if any other materials in the mattress crack, split, or fail under normal use.

When is The Prime Times to Purchase a Purple Mattress?

Looking for the optimal moment to buy a Purple mattress? Presidents’ Day is a popular choice due to its fantastic mattress sales. However, don’t overlook the opportunities presented on Labor Day and Memorial Day, as these holidays also offer great deals on mattresses. If you prefer online shopping, keep an eye out for Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts at MattressFirm.com, where you can score incredible savings on your desired mattress. Stay informed and make the most of your budget when purchasing a Purple mattress.