Those Who
Don't Know HOW to SHOP

What is the
Shopping Service

Steps of Shopping Service

The National Shopping Service is much more than a mystery. Successful companies require excellence in areas of customer and employee management. The NSS is committed to reducing costs, improving performance and empowers decision-makers by providing feedback, accountability and recognition systems that are all tied to specific corporate strategies.

The National Shopping Service emphasizes a unique combination of resources including quality, customer satisfaction and marketing aspects of businesses. This service enables them to influence the behavior of customers and employees and ultimately profits.

NSS leads the industry in performance and customer satisfaction assessment services. It is a great place to work and a great place to do business and the National Shopping Services employees provide consistent support. Details mean everything and dedication is what sets them apart other vendors and allows them to exceed expectations of their clients.

They are already a leader in market research, customer research and mystery shopping. They continue to refine their practices and business methods to adapt to the dynamic needs of clients yet all the while maintaining a standardized approach. The service spectrum continues to grow by building on the solid foundation of performance and management solutions that are utilized today. NSS seamlessly adjusts the expanding needs of market research and those industries that depend on it.

The NSS is innovative, financially strong, ethical and consistent in our leaders in providing measurement that enables management.

To understand your people does not need to be complex or expensive. Companies are now realizing that their most precious asset is their existing customer base, which must be preserved by any shopping tricks.

Utilizing your company's limited resources to monitor critical areas is often complex and inconsistent process and figuring out the best way to use those is what the NSS can help with. They will help you focus your resources in the right places using quantitative data collection, analysis and innovative technology that delivers the right information to the right people all in the correct format. Using consistent metrics on customers and employees, the decision-makers at your company can address the suitability of particular directives. This is the kind of wisdom that allows management to effortlessly and realistically evaluate the performance of any related choices and actions.