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The Future of Shopping

Online or offline: which shopping is more convenient for shoppers?

The number of people choosing to shop online is constantly growing. Experts predict that by the end of 2021, online store sales worldwide will grow to $ 2 trillion. This is 7% more than in 2019.

What does this mean for offline store owners and who should navigate the Internet?

Features of offline shopping

Not all products are considered convenient to buy online. For example, building materials, cosmetics and perfumery are more often bought in brick-and-mortar stores than on the Internet. They do this more often there, and buyers are more confident in their choice.

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Analysts have identified 5 common shopping doubts that lead people to shop in offline stores:

Most often, buyers focus on the fact that it is not safe to buy online. But if you choose a trusted site with reviews and data protection, then you don't have to worry about security.

Features of online shopping

The owners of online stores take into account the inconvenience of users and promptly eliminate them. They try to attract customers in different ways:

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A separate advantage of online stores is the ability to order goods to any city in the world with delivery. But you can pay for the abandoned product in any way: by card, cash, or through the Google Pay or Apple Pay applications.

Online shopping is becoming more and more convenient. There is an opportunity to see the goods almost live, pay for it via a smartphone and order delivery to any country in the world. This does not mean that online will replace offline, but for some stores it makes sense to move completely or partially to the Internet. This is especially true for those who sell books, flowers, tickets, equipment and gadgets.

The Bottom Line

Obviously, the future belongs to this format: an offline store for spontaneous purchases, shopping as entertainment, situational purchases, and for those cases when you want something and what is unclear. Situations in which you need to physically consider an object before buying. Or choose a product with fitting and ignorance of, say, size. At the same time, the brand must be presented online so that the buyer has the opportunity to order and deliver via the Internet, including in cases of delayed purchases, when the decision is made later.

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Investors seem to be of the same opinion. We have previously observed interest in commercial real estate with grocery retail in the number of tenants, but during the pandemic, this interest increased. In turbulent economic times, sustainable and predictable income becomes paramount. Therefore, investors are interested not only in the presence of grocery retail as such, but also in tenants in terms of how they interact with e-commerce. Those tenants who use offline points as a warehouse and pick-up points are undoubtedly in the lead. They follow the basic principles of modern service: they interact with the customer there and when it is convenient for him. The future and commercial success lies in the synergy of formats.