Those Who
Don't Know HOW to SHOP


There are many of today's businesses that have a presence in more than one medium, but they are focusing their resources and efforts in customer management, which is essentially one direction. Most market researchers are limited to data collection but the National Shopping Service designs a strategy that takes all of the channels into account and covers all of your people.

To maintain and increase customer loyalty is a complex process. It requires intricate choreography of a variety of strategies that are specifically tailored to an individual communication medium. To use covert quantitative personal reporting, digitally enhanced visual and audio assessments, interviewing, as well as custom browsers for tracking online behavior, the NSS is capable of analyzing and assimilating data to give management the ability to see the important trends and patterns that cut across more than just one customer contact point. To leverage these opportunities for improvement in your organization, management must be able to combine diagnostic tools from more than one marketing paradigm.

Typical interactive customer "Touch-Points"

There are critical windows of experience that a customer uses to judge her satisfaction with the brand:
1. In person
2. Phone
3. Online

The NSS allows you to monitor these touch points for performance indicators and what your company values. There is an integration for multiple solutions, which allows management to consult an information portal for real-time statistics for their current customers and employee feedback statistics.

Leverage Existing Customer Data

Online, integrated customer experience management provides flexibility and power to analyze your performance level. The solution is also integrated with existing customer relationship management data that is internally collected by your company. The NSS can leverage your existing customer service investments by incorporating data and other resources from the customer support systems.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The mission of the NSS is to serve as a catalyst for creating value by integrating and implementing business strategy through people. They become intimately involved in their clients growth, development and deliver great support for the workforce and management. The long-term relationships are earned through a dedication to understanding each business and consistently delivering value.

There is a wide spectrum of involvement, which leads to satisfaction of wide range cost and benefit considerations.

One can take a test drive and start with a low cost pilot program before one invests significant resources.

There are programs in all flavors that can be tailored to a particular situation. With unlimited customization and scalability, you can grow as you go and there are flexible programs that allow you to integrate any number of customer and employee solutions that will enable you to address your company's most current concerns or initiatives.

Customer Research/Mystery Shopping

1. Medium involvement - traditional mystery shop or low volume Care system, minimum features.

2. High involvement - advanced customer research - digital features, high involvement reporting, or multichannel customer assessment.
   - Photos and or movies and/or audio available online;
   - Phone and in person survey;

3. Special involvement - audit/inspections-environmental inspections, surveillance, and/or qualitative research
   - Uniformed inspections;
   - Procedural audits, product placement, regulatory assurance;
   - Customer intercepts;
   - Focus groups;
   - Pricing surveys;

Employee Support

- Employee feedback
- Employee recognition and incentives
- Exit interview

NSS is an industry leader in customer research so they understand your research objectives and circumstances uniquely. They will tailor the entire research process to supply the critical information to make your marketing efforts were successful. You can trust the research experts to deliver insightful interpretations of your unique environment and circumstances.

Customization in All Aspects of Program:

- Advanced report/survey design support;
- Version management for homogenous tracking and comparisons of dynamic reporting infrastructures;
- Ability to handle frequent changes in emergency initiatives without a hassle;
- Ad hoc reporting;
- Advanced data mining for specific marketing or other management priorities;
- Specialized delivery/publishing/export formats (summaries, individual reports, tracking data);
- Seasonal or other short-term programs in concert with main program;
- Extra correlated indirect reporting including demographic/household/business profiling.