Those Who
Don't Know HOW to SHOP

How to Become
Mystery Shoppe

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A mystery shopper is a person whose job is to evaluate the employee performance for the management. If you need an additional source of income to cover the cost of food and entertainment the job of a mystery shopper may be right for you.

The reasons why companies working in retail and service sectors contract the services of mystery shoppers are diverse. Some businesses may want to check how employees are presenting the current promotion or adhere to store policies. Sometimes a mystery shopper may be asked to evaluate the performance of a specific shift or employee about whom they've been receiving negative feedback. The techniques used by a mystery shopper depend on the particular assignment. Sometimes you just walk through the store paying attention to things that matter and take notes. Or you may be required to speak directly to the staff and even act out a conflict to see how the employee will react.

Mystery shoppers are hired by individual agencies. You can work for several agencies, so it's up to you to decide when and how much you will work. If you want to become a mystery shopper make sure you check out the Mystery Shopping Providers Association first. Using a search engine of this site you can find reputable agencies that operate in your area.

After you get connected with a local agency, you will need to register on their website. Be prepared to pass some aptitude tests that will evaluate the level of your attention and your writing skills. Then you can either look for assignments on-line or get job offers emailed to you. If you would like to accept the particular assignment and agree with the compensation offered you need to confirm on-line. After the work is done you have to report back on-line, and get your reimbursement by check or direct deposit.

Typically agencies zero in clients in similar industries. Some may primarily deal with the fast food chains or higher-end restaurants while others specialize in retail stores or entertainment venues. It would be a good idea to register with the agencies that will offer you jobs that match your interests. For example, if you need to go to the mall then make sure you check the agencies that work with retailers first.

Even though the money you will earn by mystery shopping is not big, it is still a great chance to get some fast extra cash. In some cases you may be asked to purchase some products, but you can keep the item and get compensation for the purchase made.

Entertainment assignments are very popular among young people. Movie assignments may include reporting which trailers were shown and which of them the audience loved most or which posters were prominent in the lobby. Just grab your friend and go to see a free movie, isn't it great?

Be prepared to write a more extended report about your dining experience but the time you spend writing is worth the cost of a three course meal including drinks.

If you find that you like mystery shopping, you can even get certifications that will help you get better paying jobs.