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Gift Cards
for Holidays

Many people think that buying a gift card for a friend or family is the easy way out of buying someone a gift. If you buy the right gift card for the person on your list it can be as personal as a traditional gift. For example, buying a Best Buy gift card for your mom who's not interested in electronics would be a waste. But if you buy someone who loves new gadgets it's a great gift. Here are the top 10 gift cards to consider for the people on your list.

Amazon gift card

Amazon gift card: this is a perfect gift if the person hates going to retail stores and fighting crowds to shop. If they love buying stuff online but you have no idea what to get them, get them an Amazon Card. They can choose anything they want on Amazon.

Amazon Gift Card

Gas gift card

Gas gift card: gas has been cheap lately but it still doesn't mean that a gas card is in a cool gift. A $25 gift card can get someone entire tank of gas. This might seem rather impersonal, but it's definitely practical. Most people would use it quite quickly and it wouldn't sit in their wallet for more than six months.

Gas Gift Card

Gift card to a favorite restaurant

Gift card to a favorite restaurant: these cars can be great for parents or a married couple. You can make it a theme like a dinner date on us type of gift. You can also get them a gift card to the movies and the restaurant. It's a great way to promote their relationship by allowing them to get away for the night. If they have kids you can even offer to babysit.

Restaurant Gift Card

Spa gift card

Spa gift card: this is perfect for your mom, spouse, girlfriend, sister or daughter. They all love the chance to pamper themselves.

Spa Gift Card

Car maintenance gift card

Car maintenance gift card: most people hate paying attention to the maintenance on their cars. It's expensive and it's an inconvenience. You can make it easier on someone by helping them pay for it. This is a good gift for a single mom or an elderly lady.

Auto Service Gift Card

Liquor store gift card

Liquor store gift card: this is not for someone who might have a problem with alcohol. But if you know a couple who like to entertain with mixed drinks they will enjoy this gift card.

Liquor Store Gift Card

Home maintenance gift card

Home maintenance gift card: a Home Depot gift card is perfect for someone who is just bought a home or loves doing home projects.

Home Maintenance Gift Card

Gift card to a museum or theme park

Gift card to a museum or theme park: this gift card allows a family, couple or a friend to go out and enjoy doing something.

Theme Park Gift Card

Gift card to a favorite clothing store

Gift card to a favorite clothing store: gift cards can become more personal when you find out what someone's favorite store actually is. Figure out what they buy and what store and they will certainly appreciate a gift card from that store.

Macy's Gift Card

iTunes gift card

ITunes gift card: these make great stocking stuffers and they're great for kids from grandparents or the reverse as everyone enjoys buying their own music. ITunes is much more than music so you can buy audiobooks, movies and TV shows.

iTunes Gift Card

3 Simple Steps to Cash In Unused Gift Cards

Step 1

In case you are not going to use your gift card, consider selling it. Start by checking online sites that usually purchase unwanted cards. Visit to compare offers from sites like, and You may expect to get from 50% to 90% of a card's value. Cards for gas station, grocery and popular retailers like Exxon, Safeway and Walmart will bring the biggest paybacks.

Step 2

Compare the prices to choose the best deal. For example, was offering 84% of a Macy's gift card's value in cash while was willing to pay only 70%. In addition, was offering 88% to those customers who would exchange their Macy's card for credit instead of cash.

Step 3

After you chose the site where you want to cash in your gift card follow the directions on the site. Depending on the gift card you have and the site's policies, you may be required to enter the card number online. However some sites offer a higher price if you send the card by mail. Upon receiving your card, the buyer will verify the value and pay you by a check, direct deposit or PayPal.

ABC Gift Card

Gift Card Granny

Cardpool Gift Card