Quality Control

Dedicated Account Manager

At National Shopping Service, we understand how critically important it is that the feedback you get from a research program be actionable and verifiable. Over the years, we have developed a system that ensures that every step of your program is managed to provide you with data you can depend upon. The following sections outline the mechanisms NSS has in place to provide you with quality and integrity.

A dedicated account management team will be available to handle your routine and emergency needs. Drawing on years of experience, our account management teams make it their daily goal to provide valuable insight and constantly exceed program expectations in an effort to improve the ability to answer client questions and needs. Our management teams become intimately involved in the specific goals and subtleties of your account, seamlessly adjusting to the dynamic nature of business while maintaining a consistent performance barometer.

From finding the right study participants to meeting the requirements of your project, our creative perfectionists will insist that every detail is executed properly.

  • Refines research tools, audience, and tactics
  • Highlighting opportunities in program
  • Immediate problem resolution and anomaly tracking
  • Guarantees research integrity
  • Offers consistent perspective across personnel changes in program's management
  • Educate decision-makers cost/benefits of particular solutions and ideas
  • Adding tangible value (work less, get more) and exceeding deadlines
  • Forecasting potential pitfalls
  • Guarantees thoroughness and integrity of reporting
  • Capable of advanced ad-hoc reporting with all account data and account history at fingertips



Researcher/Shopper Screening and Hiring
A key component in developing a quality market research field force is the application process. All contractor applications are carefully screened for conflicts of interest, thoroughness in completing the application form, work experience, and quality of the applicant's narrative.
  • Ability to handle the unique nature of the work
  • Ability to read and record verbatim responses
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Ability to listen carefully
  • Ability to follow detailed instructions
  • Willingness to work flexible hours
  • Ability to accept rejection
Researcher/Shopper Training
Mystery shoppers (and other researchers) receive extensive training, not only in NSS's standards, but also in the exact specifications and parameters of each unique scenario before it is assigned. In addition, researchers receive extensive feedback on every shop they perform.

Basic Training of our researchers and shoppers includes:
  • Overview of marketing research
  • Confidentiality of the work
  • Importance of a pleasant/professional attitude
  • Covert Persona/Interviewing Techniques
Additionally, all interviewers are briefed on a project-by-project basis. Their work is monitored and validated to ensure compliance with NSS, your company, and other industry quality standards.

Auditing the Researcher's Performance
National Shopping Service has several checks and balances in place to make sure that researchers provide you with fair, accurate, and dependable feedback. At NSS we audit our researchers' scoring habits, rotation and frequency habits, and even utilize a rating system to ensure that scoring is not biased.

Advanced Scheduling and Rotation Techniques

Mystery Shop Scheduling

  • Schedulers are trained in your company's exact operating standards.
  • Schedulers use a sophisticated, customized computer system that prompts them through each instruction they need to share with the mystery shopper before the visit is performed
  • Scheduling program strictly enforces all of the rotation and filtering rules in place for your account such as shopper age requirements, income, days apart, etc.

Selecting Shoppers/Researchers that are right for you
One of the features that sets National Shopping Service apart from other mystery guest companies is its mystery shopper "Profiling" methodology. We maintain an in-depth database on all of our field representatives and mystery shoppers. Each field researcher is profiled to determine his or her own natural purchasing, dining, and consuming habits. This allows us to ensure that we are matching the profiles of our shoppers up with the profiles of your normal, targeted customer. We will work with you to determine a shopper profile that meets your unique target market.

Proofing Pipeline

From designing a meaningful form to resolving client requested adjustments, our proofing pipeline is built from the ground up to transform raw bits of experience into sound and actionable business feedback.

Our standardized applications and refined methodologies are specifically designed with these checks and balances to verify constant adherence to our high statistical and editing standards.

  • Programmatic validation
  • Staff of Quality Editors trained in your company's exact standards
  • All evaluations proofread multiple times by in-house proofreaders
  • Verification, spelling, and grammar checks
  • Site Identification and Resolution Guarantees


Privacy Matters! When you ask customers or employees for information, you raise concerns regarding how that information will be stored and used. It is very important to assure participants that the data you collect will not be sold or used in any way that might violate their privacy or be harmful to them.

It is important that we let employees and customers know that our purpose in obtaining this knowledge is to offer products and services they are more likely to want, and to improve other aspects of your relationship with them. The information you collect is a valuable company asset and you must protect it as such.

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