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Chewy Goody Box vs. Barkbox – Who's The Winner

It would be so good if dogs would be able to talk about their feelings as this question would be one of the first ones I would ask Oska: if you had a choice, which box would you choose?

Chewy Goody Box vs Barkbox

Essentially, they are quite similar. The main difference is that Chewy Goody Box is not a monthly subscription, while BarkBox is. You can order the box from Chewy whenever you're ready and pick a theme from a few available. BarkBox will come every month, so you better make sure you have a dog that can use all the goodies received every 30 days.

Chewy Goody Box can be for puppies or adult dogs and that's about all the modification available. BarkBox comes in standard, small dog, big dog, and Super Chewer. So if you are looking for more personalization, I guess BarkBox would win.

Super Chewer Dog Toys

I also always liked elaborate themes BarkBox features every month. The theme covers more than just toys and snacks – the entire box is decorated like a puppet theater, which my kids absolutely love. I have kept some BarkBoxes for them to play, which makes them very versatile – 1 extra point to BarkBox again.

Where I feel Chewy Goody Box is winning is for a high quality of items. They use Frisco exclusively and every toy from that company is not only fun looking, but sturdy too, or at least as sturdy as a plush toy can be. So while every toy eventually ends up very dead, I don't mind that too much, because I know that more will be on the way with a click of the button.

Super Chewer BarkBox features hard to kill toys and while it can be great, on the other hand I am not a very big fan of half chewed up silicone toys covered in saliva hiding under every couch in the house. They start stinking and should have a limited life span anyway, especially when new ones are always coming within 30 days.

Barkbox Pet Supplies

What I enjoy about BarkBox is that some of their custom toys can be found Target or Lowe's. I have bought at least 3 toys that were especially loved by Oska from Target on my way to grab some kids' PJs and also 50 other things.

Barkbox Toys in Target

The Halloween edition of BarkBox is irresistibly cute, so I just couldn't say no. We loved their vampire hedgehog, rope skeleton, vampire plush corn candy, and a set of squeezable monster eyeballs, because who wouldn't?

The Halloween edition of BarkBox

Then it comes to price, Chewy's Goody Box is $29.99, while BarkBox depends on the size and options. It starts at $23.99 for small dogs and can go up to $35 per month for big super chewers. Both boxes bring really good value, because added amount of toys, chews, treats, and other items comes to way more than the price of the box. And I love the convenience factor in both cases – I don't have to shop and pick stuff, which is absolutely the best part for me. I will trust canine experts to select a nice mix for Oska any day, especially when all of that comes right to my door.

All in all, I can't pick a definite winner, because both boxes each carry about the same weight in benefits for me and are equally enjoyed by our Oska, who just loves any delivery for her. This is why we will be loyal supporters of both for a foreseeable future.