Meet the Team

Matt, President & CEO

“I’ve always been passionate about being the best. A leader is only as good as his staff and clientele, and I’m privileged to have the best of both.”

Katy, Director of Global Operations

“I have been privileged to work at NSS for over a decade. The relationships we’ve built with our clients are amazing! I’m lucky to have such an awesome team of people to work with, as well as such a rewarding career.”

Brandi, Administrative Coordinator

“I love my coworkers and the friendly, outgoing atmosphere that our company embodies. It’s a joy to see our team strive every day to not only meet our goals, but exceed them.”

Britney, Director of Operations

“I love working in this industry because you can see how the data we provide actually changes the relationship between our clients and their customers.”

Joanne, Director of International Market

"Working on the International Team at NSS has helped me become more open-minded and understand other cultures better. It’s quite fun to work with shoppers around the world! We have shoppers in 49 countries, and I’m still learning about different customs and cultures every day."

Kunle, Systems Analyst

“NSS is a great place to work! I’m able to design and build systems and see how they make a difference in our business. I look forward to coming to work each day.”

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