Industries We Serve

Financial Institutions

-Check Cashing
-Cash Advance/Loans
  • Scenario: The Auditing Department of a major banking corporation wants to ensure that all files designated as confidential are properly filed in a secured location.

  • Problem: The Auditing Department is concerned that files may be visible to the public, not filed away properly, and not include all required documents, along with other pertinent issues.

  • Solution: A Mystery Shopping Program is established so that On-Site Inspectors (Mystery Shoppers) can audit all locations and make sure that employees are using proper filing procedures

Specialty Retailers

-Amusement Parks
-Movie Theaters
-Entertainment Venues
-Home Improvement
-Storage Facilities
  • Scenario: The regional manager of a chain of record stores wonders how well his employees know the product they are selling. When a customer inquires about a particular CD, can the employee give the information the customer is seeking?

  • Problem: A customer is willing to pay $18.99 for a new CD, but if an employee will not be helpful with their knowledge of the product, what may have been an easy sale, may be lost.

  • Solution: Mystery Shoppers are hired to go into all record store locations and determine if the employees can help them find a not-so-easy-to-find CD. This also gives an opportunity for the employee to give the customer information on other CDs by that artist or related artists

Department Stores

-Traditional Retailers
-Luxury Retailers
-Drug Stores
  • Scenario: The regional manager for a chain of clothing stores questions the QSC (Quality, Service, and Cleanliness) of the stores. He realizes that the products are properly sold but there are other observations that customers make that might affect the selling of the products.

  • Problem: The stores are making significant profits, but the restrooms are dirty, there are clothes on the floor in the dressing room and public selling area, and the employees are rude to the customers.

  • Solution: Mystery Shoppers are hired to make unbiased evaluations of their shopping experience (especially looking at quality, service, and cleanliness) in order for positive changes to be made at all store locations.


-Fast Food
-Traditional Dining
-Fine Dining
-Coffee Shops
  • Scenario: The regional manager of a chain of restaurants consistently receives complaints about how long it takes customers to receive their food/drink purchases at their locations. The concerned manager wants to ensure that all customers are satisfied.

  • Problem: Since it takes so long to prepare an order, this may indicate that an order was incorrect and needed to be corrected. Customers may not return to the location due to frustration, and eventually the restaurant chain will lose money.

  • Solution: Mystery Shoppers are sent to all locations to evaluate if they are in and out in a timely fashion

Service Businesses

-Hair Salon
-Internet Sales
-Apartment Leasing
-Customer Service
-Call Centers
-Product Pricing
-Competitor Pricing
-Car Rental
-Insurance Companies
-Delivery Services
-Online Services
-Airport Services
  • Scenario: The management of a hair salon chain notices that the sales are dropping by 15% compared to last year sales during the same period.

  • Problem: The management reinforces its training evaluation sessions and the staff seems well trained. The management trust in some of is staff members in stores is decreasing and needs proof to take action.

  • Solution: A mystery shopping program is implemented in order to identify if the sale is rung up and if a receipt is given to the clients (mystery shoppers and actual clients) after the service was performed. The program covers every shift and targets efficiently the source of the loss of profit for this Hair Salon Chain. Some employees were not ringing up the sales and were keeping the money for themselves.

Alcohol/Tobacco Sales

-Liquor Stores
-Night Clubs
-Grocery/Drug Stores
  • Scenario: A very large chain of fine restaurants with bars received some complaints from clients about witnessing the bartender in some locations serving alcohol to questionable age clients.

  • Problem: If this is a fact, this large chain of fine restaurants could face a law-suit and very bad publicity.

  • Solution: Through mystery shopping, this large chain of fine restaurants is getting the confirmation that some of their bartenders were not following the guidelines of the company's policy. Mystery shoppers that looked young and less than 21 years old were sent to the clients locations to perform bar audits. The shoppers gave accurate reports to which employees were not asking for ID before they served alcohol.

Convenience Stores

-Gas Stations
-Service Bays
-Food Prep Kitchens
  • Scenario: The staff of a large chain of gas stations is doing a great job and the clients called to compliment the management on the customer service they had received.

  • Problem: The management is asking how to keep up the good work.

  • Solution: The mystery shopping company that helped target the initial problems and corrected them, will also reward the "good employees" with a Reward Program. Every time a high score is reached by one of their employees, a check will be issued to them with a reward certificate. This will encourage everyone's efforts and stimulate the other staff members.


-Front Desk
  • Scenario: The management of a chain of 1,500 hotels in the US wants to know how the phone is answered with as many details as possible. The hotels seem to receive a large amount of phone calls, but the volume of reservations is decreasing.

  • Problem: The management of this large chain of hotels wants to know if the proper phone etiquette is used when a client is calling their hotels.

  • Solution: A mystery shopping program with Digitally Recorded Telephone conversations is put in place. The combination of a form filled out by the mystery shoppers while conducting their survey over the phone and a file containing the recording of the conversation allow the management of this large chain of hotels to identify the reason why the clients do not book reservations:

    • " The phone rang more than three times and was not picked up! "
    • " The potential client (mystery shopper) was put on hold for 5 minutes! "
    • " The person speaking with the potential client (mystery shopper) was rude

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