Knowledge is power.

Understanding your customers is key. Mystery shops, audits, or surveys can help you realistically evaluate your company’s strengths and weaknesses. And by delivering the right information to the right people, you can begin to see immediate results.

NSS is a full-service provider, doing what no one else can. We take care of all the pricing, recruiting, scheduling, data processing, and reporting for your fully customized program. We’ll handle the details so you can focus on the big picture.

One size does not fit all.

We know your circumstances are unique, so we tailor the research and delivery process to your specific needs. While most other vendors are limited to data collection in one or two areas, NSS can design a program that covers all the bases.

With unlimited customization, our flexible platform allows you to choose any number of standard or custom solutions for a complete suite of services. Whether you choose a standard program that’s ready to go, or collaborate with our experts to build one from the ground up—the options are endless.

We speak your language.

Mystery shopping isn’t just about collecting and analyzing data. It’s also about using the resulting information to take action—otherwise you’ve invested time and money without any return. We know how important it is that the feedback you receive is not only useful, but understandable. We’ll help you read between the lines.

Using experience and sophisticated analysis, we interpret raw data and transform it into clear and actionable feedback. We can even assist with follow-up training and incentive plans to enhance your program and jumpstart your success. We provide you with data that delivers.

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