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Recognition/ Incentives
Performance and motivation go hand in hand....
Management is constantly trying to identify what causes some people, some business units, some dealers, to lead the way, and to always come out on top. Every business organization derives a disproportionate percentage of their productivity and profits from a select group of top performers, who consistently deliver exemplary results. Whether they be dealers or distributors, stores or sales reps, these high-flying business units always seem to lead the way in:
  • Profitability
  • Customer service
  • Operations
  • Sales productivity

Management is continually faced with the dual challenge of keeping these top-performers energized and motivated, and perhaps more importantly, elevating additional business units into the upper echelon of excellent performance. It is within the confines of these two separate, but related challenges that an organization must differentiate between "Recognition" and "Performance Improvement."

In order to maximize your incentive program's effectiveness, NSS's programs focus an organization's members' attention on multiple critical business activities and financial results by:

  • Pinpointing performance elements common to an organization's best performers
  • Assigning quantitative point values for prioritizing and measuring each element
  • Emphasizing priorities through a comprehensive communications plan
  • Providing specific performance feedback to every participant and management
  • Driving improved performance with a structured recognition award program

Feedback (Ratings)
What do your employees think and how can their ideas help influence the business's direction? The employees on your front line are complex people, but managing them doesn't have to be. While gathering feedback from your customers is a great way to boost business, it is oftentimes very helpful to focus on those people who are most "in touch" with your business image, process, and properties. Listening to your employees can involve many goals, or just one, depending on your resources and needs:
  • Employee Satisfaction Levels (morale)
  • Operational Achievement Highlighting
  • Knowledge Base Development
  • Productivity Improvement Ideas
  • Issue Resolution

Exit Interviews
Understand your employee turnover and increase retention by having NSS handle the "exit" of employees from your organization. Improving your organization's effectiveness, and more importantly your profits, is dependent on your ability to harness information in your organization and it's participants. Your employee's departure from your organization becomes an opportunity for enlightenment at the hands of NSS trained staff:

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