Audits & Inspections

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You can't be everywhere at once...but NSS can be. For more formal audits of your business's diverse properties, processes, and people - we can tailor a research solution. Your company's success depends on management's ability to monitor adherence to whatever standards you require of your franchisees, resellers, distributors, and other partners.

  • Uniformed Inspections / Audits
  • On-Site Compliance Inspections
  • Signage Assessments
  • Adherence to Franchise Requirements
  • Site Safety
  • On-Site Food Prep / Kitchen Inspections
  • Financial Institution Document Audits
  • Product Display Documenting / Counts
  • Customer Counts

How it Works

While a mystery shopping program is more customer oriented, our audit and inspection programs can provide a more technical form of research. Audits and Inspections focus management's attention on adherence to standards in more than just the customer-service business units. With an emphasis on training and formal monitoring techniques (as opposed to the covert, and often informal nature of customer research) we can enforce the accountability you require.

1. Research and Diagnosis

Identifying and analyzing standards and required adherence thresholds. Emphasis on procedural, operational, aesthetic, and related business processes involved in maintaining your brand(s) and partnerships.

2. Solution Design

Creating and putting in place a series of staff, researcher, and documentation systems to maintain consistent monitoring of the auditing program.

3. Training and Documentation

Screening and in-depth training of staff and researchers in program focal points, subtleties, and deliverable schedules.


Launching and operating the solution, as well as measuring progress and providing ongoing support, training, and refinement.

5. Evaluation and Interpretation

Measuring and evaluating the impact of the initiatives and using the information gathered from the data produced by programs to compare with expectations and initial goals. Adjust solution and goals as necessary to allow for environmental, seasonal, or other marketplace forces including revelations deduced from solutions.

Features and Options

1. Custom Badge/Uniform Design:
Uniforms or badges designed to meet corporate style guides and to provide visual authority and representation for your brand during research activities.

  • High quality custom graphics and complete badge design through production.
  • Whether modifying one of your current uniforms for our program, or starting from scratch, NSS will handle all the details involved in implementing formal dress required to best fit your auditing circumstances.

2. Demographic/Household/Business Profiling and Screening:
We select and train the perfect researchers and auditors based on your unique circumstances.

  • NSS can suggest approaches based on our extensive experience
  • Age/Race/Sex Screening
  • Educational/Occupational Screening

3. Environmental Inspection Capabilities

  • Text based survey of aesthetic (product placement, signage) and environmental conditions
  • Digital Video or Photographs are included for clarification of assessment circumstances
  • Digital Audio can be captured to provide ambient noise and other levels
  • Temperature/Humidity measurements available

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